Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back Review

For some, trying to get your ex back may seem like a desperate and pointless thing to do. But for those who literally feel they have lost the love of their life when the relationship ended, the idea isn’t such a bad thing. Text Your Ex Back by the famous relationship coach, Michael Fiore, will guide and help you to find the courage (and the right word) to talk to your ex again.

If you have not heard of Michael Fiore before, then it’s about time you pay attention. A relationship coach who was featured on Rachel Ray Show, TIME Magazine and even interviewed by other relationship experts, Michael Fiore takes a look at how using technology to make connection with others. Where many experts tend to shun technology i.e. texting or social networks as the root of many relationship downfalls, Michael Fiore uses technology to its full potential. In this program, he teaches you how to create intense intimacy through words and building anticipation in order to capture your ex’s attention again and rekindle that old flame.

Does Text Your Ex Back Work?

How Does This Manual Work?

Basically, if you’ve been feeling miserable and tormented thinking about your ex almost every single day, then it’s a good chance you would want to get things back the way it was. Michael Fiore believes that a relationship that is over, can be a good thing for you if you want to get your ex back. But many people tend to approach this the wrong way by doing everything wrong in trying to fix things up with their ex.

The program will teach you how to break the ice when sending that first text to your ex after a period of silence. You will need to G.E.A.R up for the conversation that is to come because with Michael Fiore’s technique, you will almost always assured to get a response from your ex. G.E.A.R is Michael Fiore’s acronym for GENTLY ESTABLISH AFFIRMATIVE RAPPORT. Using the right words in a simple and seemingly innocent way, you can get your ex to respond to your text and hence, open up that window of opportunity for you to talk to each other.

There are 11 modules in Michael Fiore’s manual and each module will explain to you the importance of understanding the reasons why you broke up in the first place, learning to accept the failed relationship with maturity and also step-by-step guide as to what kind of text you should send. Text Your Ex Back also includes the module Facebook Romance Secrets. Here, Michael Fiore will explain to you why using social platforms like Facebook will reawaken your ex’s love and attraction to you.

Is Text Your Ex Back a Scam?

You may think that all this sound a little like cheating your way through to your ex because your ex did once fall for you without you using any technique or manuals. Michael Fiore acknowledged this in his manual. He realized how Text Your Ex Back might seem like a manipulative way to get back to your ex but he also explained how what he did was use the human psychology to work to your advantage. He explained the mechanics behind using the right word, the right tone and sending the text at the right time can and will excite your ex’s psyche to make him or her respond to you.

In the ebook, Module 1 started off in discussing the reasons behind the failure of the relationship. Understanding why the relationship ended helps to encourage you to look at the situation in a more matured and positive way. Because a broken relationship can be painful and full or resentment, hurt and anger, learning to deal with those negative emotions will be the first step in dealing with the future of your relationship with your ex. Michael Fiore provided simple worksheets for you to work on in most of his modules so that you’re able to check yourself and be more confident about trying to make contact with your ex.

Both men and women can benefit from this module, no matter how long ago the relationship has ended. With texting techniques like the Across The Bow text discussed in Module 6,you will learn how to send gentle, positive text using random memories of the previous relationship or common interests to your ex. This technique will guide you on how to compose the right text to your ex so it can bring a smile to their face when they read it.Michael Fiore understands how you and your ex once had chemistry and shared something special together. Using these as tools, Text Your Ex Back helps you to coax your way back to your ex without having you to change anything about yourself at all.

In the program, other techniques like the Text Judo in Module 5 shows you how to use your ex’s existing emotions, positive or negative, to your advantage. You will be guided through a step-by-step system as to how to take what your ex gives you, in terms of the emotions in his or her replies, and use it to work for you. The Emotional Honesty texting technique in Module 10 guides you on how to be vulnerable without sounding desperate or overwhelming. The art of opening up and being patient is discussed in detail in this section.

How To Get My Ex Back

Are You Ready To Send That Text?

If you feel that you have tried every single thing to reconcile with your ex, or that you have tried just about everything to get rid of any thoughts of your ex but failed and you feel that getting back to your ex is what you want to do, then you risk nothing in purchasing this e-book. Michael Fiore is convinced that his Text Your Ex Back will help you get your ex again that if you happen to find it otherwise, he offers you a 60-day money back guaranteed – no questions asked.

This e-book also comes with the bonus audios where Michael Fiore interviewed leading experts in relationship such as Dr. Frederic Luskin, Senior Consultant Health Promotion & Director of Stanford University Forgiveness Project. In Michael Fiore interview with Dr. Luskin, the author of Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness, he talks about the importance of forgiveness and understanding in building a lasting and healthy relationship.

This manual will help you understand the negative feelings, from you or your ex, and turn them into powerful positive energy. By heading to Michael Fiore’s official website for Text Your Ex Back, you will be able to purchase this manual along with the bonus audios and make that first step in reconciling with your ex today.